The Holy Temple

This past Wednesday I was able to go through the temple to receive my endowment. It was an incredible experience! I really wasn’t sure that I wanted to share about it until today when I was asked to bear my testimony in my ward’s Temple Preparation class. I’d like to share that testimony again here.

Before the endowment session, I sat on a couch in the foyer of the temple with my parents. I had just finished receiving my initiatory. We were dressed all in white, from head to toe, and we smiled and talked quietly, and for a very short moment I watched my parents interact. In 25 years, I have never really felt like my parents fit well with each other. They are so very different! They love each other and have worked together very hard to raise my siblings and myself, but it just never really felt like they were a good match. But in that moment when I looked at the two of them, clothed all in white and smiling together, and seeming almost to glow, there was nothing separating them.

In that moment, in a way I cannot express with words, my parents fit.

As for the rest of my experience, it’s enough for me to say that what I found in the temple that night was love.

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One thought on “The Holy Temple

  1. That’s so beautiful bennie! thank you for asking me to read it. I’m so so excited for you big bro! You’re going to be such an amazing missionary!

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