The Church is True!!!

So Elder Raffensparger has a saying that I have adopted. Basically, every time something good or advantageous for us happens, every time we have success in missionary work, every time one of our investigators makes a breakthrough, we say “The church is true!” Well, pretty much everything that is taking place in our lives right now falls into one of those three categories. My testimony has grown in leaps and bounds this week that the Lord is aware of His missionaries, and that He wants his work to progress.

So, as I have learned to work my hiney off on my mission, I have realized that I love a lot of things. Here’s a list of things that I have realized that I love this week:

1. Tracting. Yes, it’s #1 for a reason. I can’t get over how amazing tracting is.
2. The people of Ohio. This is pretty much the reason that I love tracting so much. People out here are super nice, and the more comfortable I get starting conversations with everyone, no matter the situation, the nicer they become.
3. Rain. Last night Elder Raffensparger and I got to tract in the rain, and it was amazing. We found 7 new investigators in an hour, and… well, it was awesome. Also, tracting.
4. The Book of Mormon. IT IS AMAZING! There is no other physical object like it in all the world! The Lord speaks to those who carefully and prayerfully study its pages, and WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT?! Oh man… read the Book of Mormon! Seriously, read it. It’s amazing.
5. Revelation. D&C 121:45. It’s happening. Every single day.
6. Preach My Gospel: A Guide to Missionary Service. Every family, every individual, everywhere should be studying this manual. It is inspired. It has answers to questions and questions to answers for every person in every facet of our lives. I promise you that if you are not studying it, you should be.
7. Member Missionaries. I can’t tell you how crucial it is to the work that members be involved in the finding AND the teaching processes. I want to save going into detail on this until my next letter, but I want to tell you how incredibly important it is that members work together with the missionaries. More on this later.
8. Balloons.

Alright, so I’ve had an incredible week, and it is only the beginning. The last thing I want to share is my super awesome birthday story! For those who weren’t aware, my 26th birthday has come and gone on April 24th. It was my first full day in my mission, I was sitting in a chapel in West Virginia feeling ecstatic to be here. I was taking notes, and around 10:30 I went to write the date at the top of the page and went, “OH!” haha. My MTC friends were there with me and started singing to me and it was fun, but I never really got to celebrate my birthday. My first P-day was this past Monday, and I decided then that I would celebrate with all the incredible things that I had been sent by my loving family and friends. Here’s a picture of about 1/4 of the things I was sent. =)

I was also sent a ton of balloons, and bubble wrap to boot! Elder Raffensparger got a few videos of my birthday celebration. Here’s a picture of the box, minus a few that I’d already blown up.

Birthday Celebration Video!!! (Make sure Dom and Tessa see this!!! =D)

With that, I’m going to sign off, and wish all of you the best week EVER! Get out and enjoy the world! Go walk around and teach people how to smile! Show them that they are children of God and that they are not forgotten. Don’t tell them, show them.

love love love,
love love,
Elder Williams.


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