So much to do, so little time…

Soooo, I decided I needed to spend some time with individual emails this week, and we’re out of time. But I wanted to send a quick email to tell you all that BEING A MISSIONARY IS FANTASTIC! I love seeing the Lord’s hand guiding our steps.

Two amazing stories and then I’ll send you off with some pictures.

This past Saturday, we were walking through Portsmouth Ohio and a green mustang with 5 teenage boys (most of them with cigarettes in their hands) pulled up next to us and the driver called out to us. He pointed to one of the kids in the back seat and said “he wants to go to church”. The boy didn’t respond. We walked over and started talking to them. We shared our testimony that there was more to life, and that what we have to share is a better way to live. Amid the jokes from the boys, we could see some genuine interest sparked in two of them, so we got one’s phone number and gave him a card with our information. We said goodbye and parted. 5 minutes later the same car pulled up to us. I didn’t hear what they said at first, but when I got to the car, my companions were talking to them about the church. We started to ask some questions and found out they liked basketball. At this point, they were all seeming pretty interested in what we had to offer, so we invited them to play basketball with us and talk with us more at 3:00 on Wednesday (today, in 2 hours, so stoked!). We went to leave and their car battery was dead (strange… they didn’t have anything turned on =P). So we ran down to our truck and passed 2 girls walking back the other way. We drove back and hooked up the cables. The 2 girls had about reached us at this point so Elder Benedict and I walked over and started talking to them. We found out they were friends with the guys in the car, so we invited them to basketball with us and they accepted. We also told them to invite their friends. We know that the Lord had his hand in this!

In order to reach our goals for that day, we needed to teach one more lesson. We knew we needed gas, so we drove to the gas station and trusted that the Lord would provide. As we were filling up, I heard a thumping from down the street. I looked and saw a car with a flat tire pulling into the gas station on the other corner. =) Elder Benedict and I ran over and when we got there we saw a man trying to put air into his flat tire with the air machine. I asked if we could help and he saw our white shirts and nice clothes and said “Oh no! You are dressed too nice!” We told him we were messengers of God and that our calling was to help people. He thanked us and told us he had no idea what to do, so for the next 15 minutes we helped him change his tire. He told us he thought we were “angels sent from God” and asked us what church we were from. We found out that he is a professor at a nearby college, and asked if we could come and talk with him sometime. He said he would welcome it any time.

So, I bear each of you my testimony that the Lord guides his servants. If you ask him for guidance, and have faith in him enough to move forward, he will prepare the way for you. I send you all my love from the banks of the Ohio river.

Elder Williams

Photo 1: Me, Elder Sanders and Elder Royer (our Zone Leaders) Elder Raffensparger, and Elder Benedict, our third missionary for the past two weeks.

Photo 2: General Lee at a car show in West Virginia!

Photos 3+4: Elder Sanders and Elder Royer when I left my camera in their apartment.

Photo 5: Missionaries in Huntington helping a family prepare to move. From left: Hermana Thompson, Elder Benedict, ME!, Nathan (a recent convert), Elder Topham, Elder Skelton, Sister Conova.

Photo 6: Greenup County War Memorial, the meeting place for companion exchanges into Kentucky!

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