10 June, 2013 15:02

I have about TEN SECONDS to write today, but I only have one thing to say: the Church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the Earth, and it is led by a prophet of God. That Prophet-President holds the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, the very keys that Jesus Christ told Peter would be the rock upon which His church would be built.

Because of those keys, Elder Raffensparger and I were able to baptize and confirm a woman and her three children on Saturday and Sunday, and to begin the process of sealing an family together forever. I cannot express the joy that I feel in seeing this family progressing toward eternity.

Please, never ever forget the sacred charge we have to take the gospel to the world. We, as members of this church, hold the greatest responsibility of anyone in the world. There is no greater calling, and there is no greater blessing.

The church is true.


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