17 June, 2013 17:18

Quote of the week: “preach hard! Love hard! Live hard, walk hard! Be hard? Eat hard! Read scriptures HARD! Convert hard, be Elder Williams hard!”
-Vann Collin Childs

I decided this week a few things that I want to implement each week in my blog. I’ve found that my prime place for pondering and revelation is in the shower each morning. For the past three or four days in companionship study I’ve used the phrase “In the shower this morning I was thinking about…” and it always leads to an incredible discussion where we both learn new something amazing. Generally, it begins with me thinking about the way a particular word is used in a verse of scripture, and then pondering (hard) to figure out what the true meaning of the word is. So, each week, I’m going to share a new word and it’s definition that will hopefully open new avenues for anyone who wants to learn in their Gospel study.

This week’s word is: Meekness. I consider meekness to be one of the most under-defined words in the Gospel. So, based on my experiences, others’ definitions, and what I have discerned through the scriptures, I define meekness as follows:

Meekness (n) Willingness to allow others the opportunity to learn or grow.

In the spirit of “meekness”, I will leave all other clarification out, and trust you to apply the word yourselves. =)

The work is moving rapidly now. We have approximately 100 investigators and the number is increasing daily. We are changing the way we do everything. We pray with more faith, we work with more faith, we pray for charity to see contacts and investigators and members as they may become, as God sees them, and the Lord blesses us with that vision. We are also becoming more organized in our work. We are learning that if records are not kept and updated constantly, we will quickly lose track of people and fall behind. We have decided that we need to change the way we teach too. We have 45 hours in the week to teach/proselyte/find/serve, and that includes travel time. We have decided to begin holding teaching nights and activities where we can invite many people to attend and can teach many people at one time, instead of only one or one family at a time.

We are receiving God’s vision for this area and it is becoming our own. We are constantly adjusting and changing the way we work as new revelation comes. The Lord is absolutely hastening this work, and we must hasten with it. There is nowhere on Earth I would rather be than here in Portsmouth, Ohio at this time.

My time is short, but thank you for your support, your prayers, and your love. For those who would like to ask specific questions or would like to hear specific things in my blog updates, please leave a comment containing them and my family will email them to me before I write again.

Again, thank you all. This is the Lord’s work, and the work is moving forward. I will do my very best to help each of you catch the missionary fire.

All of my love, and all of my prayers, I send your way.
Elder Williams

Above is a lesson the Spirit shared with me during a district meeting.


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