Ok, how seriously adorable are my nieces?!

The first is Tessa and the second is Tatum. I love and miss these girls SO MUCH! I got these in the email today and couldn’t not share their adorability with the world. That’s my weekly word by the way:

Adorability: the ability to be adored

I have about 5 minutes left to email and then we have to jet, but I wanted to share some things I’ve learned this week about missionary work.

1. Many members of the church complicate the Gospel. Elder Raffensparger often says “The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple an 8-year-old can understand it.” That’s my weekly quote, by the way, and he’s right. Especially in cases where you’re sharing it, don’t over-complicate it! Nobody cares about the body temperature of translated beings! But EVERYONE needs to know about the Gospel.

2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ does not begin with Baptism. Repentance must always precede baptism, and faith must always precede repentance. Without faith, properly placed in Jesus Christ, nobody can stand firm in the Gospel. Faith in Jesus Christ MUST be the foundation upon which people build. This includes everyone. Parents, teach your children Faith in Jesus Christ. Missionaries, teach your investigators Faith in Jesus Christ. Everyone needs this foundation before they can build their testimonies.

I’m sorry I can’t write more today, but know that I love each of you, and that I am so happy where I am. I’m grateful and humbled to be a missionary for the Lord. This is His work, and I am amazed to see evidence of that fact every day.

I love you, I pray for you.
Elder Williams


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