Weekly Email: 7/17/13

This will be another short one! Did I say last week that I would write earlier so that I could give more time? Anyway, this week ROCKED! Today is the last day of my 12 week training, and tomorrow I begin training a new missionary! I guess that means that Elder Raffensparger did alright!

I’m grateful for this, I really am. Elder Raffensparger and I have learned so much together. The past two weeks have been replete with learning about our purpose as missionaries. We were instructed by our Zone Leaders to invite people to be baptized. We realized that we had been failing to do so. That night we went out and invited 5 people to be baptized. Two said yes and three said maybe. We have begun working this invitation into our first contacts with people. Our mission president, President Pitt, sent out a letter that stated: “There is an urgency in the work and you were foreordained to step up and carry that urgency forward. Without baptism each person you meet cannot return to be with his or her Father in Heaven.” We realized that if we do not extend the invitation to each person that we meet to enter into sacred covenants with their Father in Heaven, we are not fulfilling our purpose, and we are doing them an incredible disservice. We absolutely MUST invite them to make this sacred covenant, and we MUST invite them to make and keep commitments that will help them along the path to salvation and exaltation. Before we can do that we must be doing these same things ourselves.

This week I learned a great deal about the word Honor. It was a recurring theme in many conversations we had, and I felt to write to you about it. Twice I heard people tell children that God commanded them to “obey” their mother and father. Both times I helped those present understand that the commandment in fact says “Honor thy father and thy mother”. To obey would mean that when your parents tell you to do something, you do it. But to honor means that you do things that your parents would have you do because you want to help them accomplish their purposes. Christ said frequently that he came “to do the will of the Father” and not to do His own will. When we honor our parents, we do their will out of love and respect. In that way, we can become one with them as Christ and the Father are one.

This same principle applies in our relationship with Christ. We are to honor him. To obey the commandments is good, but it is not the ideal. We must honor him in the way we live our lives.

For those who would like to study further regarding Honor, read or listen to “The Meaning of the Atonement” by W. Cleon Skousen. Your mind will be expanded, I promise you.

I love you all, and I am grateful for your prayers and support. Thank you for all that you do. Keep pressing forward! “Courage, brethren, and on, on to the victory!”

Much love,
Elder Williams.

1-4: Elder Raffensparger’s going away cake, courtesy of Shawna Boggs.
5: Zooey, Sydney, and Miranda, three amazing young girls who started attending church with us recently!

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