22 July, 2013 17:33

First of all I want to give a HUGE "thank you!" to the members of the Greenfield stake in Gilbert, Arizona. Your faith and support has reached me and from the bottom of my heart to the top I thank you!! Thank you for obeying a prophet’s call to support the work of the Lord!

Wow I REALLY thought I took more pictures than this, but I only have one from this week. Still, this one is worth like 15 others!
Meet: Sister Richards, Sister Call, SISTER HERRING!!!!, (me) and Elder Carter!

Seriously!!! You don’t get four more awesome missionaries than these! This was one of the greatest days of my mission!!! Also, it kinda looks like Sister Herring’s and my arms were touching, but I would just like to say that they most definitely were NOT!

So anyway, Sister Richards, Sister Call, and Elder Carter are the new additions to the Portsmouth Area, which has become the Portsmouth and Wheelersburg areas! The Sisters will be serving in Wheelersburg and Elder Carter and I are staying put. Sister Call and Elder Carter are fresh out of the MTC, and Sister Richards has been out only 6 weeks! So basically, in the picture here, you have a grand total of 4.5 months of full-time missionary service! Honestly though, Portsmouth has never seen better days. In the first 3 days, while working our tails off to split the area smoothly, Elder Carter and I were able to commit 5 people to be baptized in September and November, give 4 priesthood blessings, and meet and teach a ton of people! It has been a blast, and it’s only beginning!

I want to share one story that the four of us experienced together at a lesson this week, as it was sent to the WVCM Miracle Hotline: "One young woman told the missionaries that, after meeting them, she started reading the Book of Mormon. It was hard to pay attention and she fell asleep, and she had a dream. In her dream, the Devil came up to her holding a pot of Coffee. Before she could react, God came up out of the ground holding a Book of Mormon. An epic battle ensued as God and the Devil fought over her. Finally, she threw the pot of coffee, grabbed onto the Book of Mormon, and woke up. She decided that she would never drink coffee again, and she is anxious to come to church!"

This is seriously going to be the best transfer ever, and I know it’s only going up from here! Thank you all for your prayers and support, and for all of the cookies that you will send me this month!!

All my love from Portsmouth, Ohio!
Elder Williams


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