29 July, 2013 16:28

Well my dear friends and family, I have enlightening and frightening news (for some of you, and apparently myself): Missions are hard.

I know, I know, it’s shocking. I was caught off guard too! Man, this week was a doozy. But I’ll tell you what, after a refreshing Preparation day full of prayer and counsel and love from my two best friends, I’m ready to get back up and work smarter. I learned a lot about good, better, and best today as I reflected on this week, and Elder Carter and I have been doing a lot of good things and a lot of better things and a lot of best things, sometimes in that order. We are worn out! I am called to repentance.

I learned some important truths from one of our travelling assistants to the President this week. In D&C 88, the Lord gives a parable in which a man sends out servants to work in a field. To each of the 12 servants, he tells them that he will come to them in their hour. As he does, he shares his countenance with them for that hour, and then moves to the next servant.

Here in Portsmouth, we have had so much work to do that we have forgotten to spend that important time with each individual, and to share our (the Lord’s) countenance with them in that time. We have run ourselves ragged trying to meet everyone’s needs, and as a result, have met very few of them.

We are called here to find the individuals the Lord has prepared, but we must do that in each individual’s individual way. Hopefully someone can learn something from what I’ve shared today. As missionaries, we will never be the perfect servant, say the perfect thing, or accomplish everything that we need to do. We just aren’t perfect, and there simply isn’t time. But the Lord has a plan, and that plan is perfect, and his timing is perfect. As we go about doing the best we can, and trusting in him, and listening when He speaks, we will see miracles, and often enough, we will be those miracles.

Today, as we were walking into the hospital to email you, I saw an elderly man inching along in his wheelchair. We walked past, but then I turned around and said “Can we help push you somewhere?”
“I’m heading out to my car”
“Can we help push you out there?”
“Sure if you want to!”
The next 3 minutes yielded a pleasant conversation with a man named James Williams, who goes by Jim. (Ha!) =) We helped him to his car and he was very appreciative.

Please remember to spend time with individuals. We are all God’s children. Don’t forget about your brothers and sisters. Take a moment to sit with someone who is sad, to help someone who is struggling, to kneel and gather up the bread that someone spilled. Share the Lord’s countenance, which we all bear as members of His church, with each of God’s children.

I love you. I am grateful for the strength that I receive from your prayers and support. I pray for your happiness and success. May God bless you today.

Elder Williams

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