Meet Bernie!

On Sunday morning, Bernie was a sad puppy. He had nothing to do and nobody to play with, and to top it off, he was all out of cat food!

Naturally, when Bernie saw a silver truck pull up in front of his house, he perked his head up. Maybe someone was here to play!

Much to Bernie’s surprise, out climbed two missionaries! “Friends! Friends to play with!” Bernie exclaimed with delight. He jumped up and padded over to meet the missionaries.

One of them kept right on walking, up the stairs and straight for the door. Naturally, Bernie was curious to what this abnormally tall missionary was doing, and so, he followed him to the door.

But to Bernie’s disappointment, the abnormally tall missionary did not want to play.

Expecting the same inhumane treatment from the missionary’s abnormally small companion, Bernie returned sadly to his spot on the cold concrete.

Much to his surprise, the small missionary came up and sat next to him. The small missionary reached out and touched him. “A friend!” Bernie thought excitedly, “And he wants to pet me!”

“I wonder…” Bernie thought, “I wonder if he would…” Timidly, Bernie rolled over to his side… The small missionary laughed and started scratching his stomach.

Bernie was getting his belly rubbed! Oh the joy! The Elation! Bernie hadn’t had a belly rub in so long! He looked up at the small missionary excitedly, and the missionary beamed back at him. Bernie had found a new friend!

“I think he likes me!” The small missionary laughed.

And from that time forward, Bernie and the abnormally small missionary were best friends.

The END!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Bernie!

  1. I really don’t know what i was doing i suppose, the first go around…but it said, ‘awesome.’ Referencing the picture story.
    May yalls travels be safe and your spirits at peace. I will remember yall in prayer, for Gods Will to forever be first. For hearts to always find peace in the little things He places in yalls lives, on the journey He set in motion at the beginning of time. Remain blessed.

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