16 September, 2013 18:01

Alright, so, I’m gonna make a little confession here. I always used to think it was a little strange for my Dad to post his meals on his blog and facebook and whatever else… but I’ve been on a pretty big kick for living the Word of Wisdom in actuality recently, and with that, I’ve started cooking a little more and branching out in my food colors, and MAN IT’S EXCITING! CHECK IT OUT!




Heck yeah buddy! Folgers has nothing on waking up to a mutilated raspberry, blueberry, and banana pancake smiling at you! That’s all-American baby! (No syrup necessary, all rights reserved).

Also, I would like to give a shout-out to MRS. SARA CARTER who I just recently learned stumbled across my blog. This is Elder Ryan Carter’s mother, and she is amazing. Not only does she send her son just about every dessert known to man (which he lovingly tempts me with every time he takes a bite) But she has sent me, not one, but TWO of the most comfortable shirts known to man, and I am now more loved by Elder Carter, for representing his beloved University of Oregon Ducks, and also by the people of Ohio, for representing Ohio State University BOOYAH! You rock Mrs. Carter. Pictures to come. Someday. Maybe. Yes, probably.

So, today on missionary work, I would just like to direct every person in the world to listen to “The Missionary Next Door” by Diana Hoelscher. You may have to purchase it, but I promise you, if you have any desire to see your family, your ward, your friends, or the work of the Lord become successful, you will pay whatever price you have to or stream it on youtube (or go drive around with your friend who owns it) to listen to this talk. The things she shares are so simple, and so incredibly life-changing. For any parents who ever wondered how to help their children develop a deep and lasting conversion, for any parents who wished they themselves were more converted, for any WARDS WHO HAVE JUST BECOME RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THE FINDING FOR THE MISSIONARIES.. *ahem *ahem… for any person who ever wanted to see their loved ones receive the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they themselves have come to love so much, I exhort you with all the feeling of a tender missionary to purchase and listen to this talk and to implement piece by piece into your families, and into your lives, the things she experienced growing up. I want this for my family. I want it so badly. I want to be that kind of father. I want my wife to be that kind of mother. I want my children to be fortified and have the sacrifice of our Savior so deeply into their hearts, and the love of our Savior so deeply in their veins, that no winds, no shafts in the whirlwind, no hail or mighty storm of the adversary could shake them from the rock upon which they are built. This is the kind of home I want, for me, and for every member I know.

I love my Savior. Because of Him I am changing every day out here into somebody I was always meant to be. These changes are coming at a cost. I am being forced to give up all of my ungodliness just to stay alive out here. This is the hardest purifying experience I have ever been through. How grateful I am to know that on the other side of this storm, when I have made it through by the grace of God and my faith in Jesus Christ, I will be someone far greater than I ever was before. Please pray for my companion, Elder Carter, just once, when you read this. Just a little prayer, to ask God to strengthen him, and help him to be patient with me, and to become the missionary I wasn’t ready to train him to be. He is a great man, and I love him, and I will be forever grateful to God for sending him to me, to teach me so much about who I am.

I testify that this is the work of the Lord, and His glory, and that there is no greater joy that I have experienced in my life, nor can I imagine a greater joy, than seeing someone enter into the fold of God. This week, my dear friend Shawna Boggs was baptized, and became a part of my church family forever.

The church is true.

Elder Williams


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