20 November, 2013 16:29

Dear adoring fans,

GUESS WHAT! I BROUGHT MY CAMERA! Be excited. Be super excited. This past transfer has been a blast. Elder Russo is one of the goofiest and fun-loving people I’ve met, and I love him. Elder Espinosa is super awesome, and is going to be a great leader in the mission for sure. This has been my favorite transfer of the mission without question. But, many good things have an end, and we are all moving on to carry the amazing things we’ve learned to different corners of the mission. Elder Espinosa is heading to Flatwoods (in either Kentucky or West Virginia), Elder Russo is heading to Elkins, and I’m staying here in Winfield and will be working with Elder Golding, whom I have not met. We’re also switching from the Parkersburg zone into the Charleston zone, which means my amazing time with Elders Stechnij and Colligan has come to a close. Elder Colligan was trained in Portsmouth just before me by Elder Raffensparger, and Elder Stechnij is also from Gilbert, Arizona and was baptized by my good friend’s older brother! This transfer has seriously been awesome.

Our recent convert Scott Spinner headed off to Army Basic Training this past Monday, and this picture was taken on his last Sunday in Winfield. He is going to do great things–a man truly converted to the Gospel.

I’m really excited for everything that is happening in Winfield. The past two weeks have been fairly slow, but it’s because we’re trying not to just drop in on anybody. We’ve been working to set appointments before we visit any of our investigators, and then we can’t get any appointments =/ so it’s been an adventure. But we are teaching 6 amazing families right now, with 2 or 3 more who we are preparing to take the lessons. Winfield is blossoming, and your prayers are a huge part of that. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

We’ve also been attending some services of another church in the area (in Scott Depot) called The Depot. We’ve had some incredible experiences with some of the members of their congregation, two of whom we felt impressed to bring with us when one of our contacts called us and frantically asked for us to come and pray with her. We prayed and obeyed, and when we arrived, she latched onto Jared and Ian, the two from the Depot. She has 5 sons, and Jared and Ian are in the youth ministry in their church, and have the purest hearts and the most incredible testimonies and conversion stories. They are powerful men and we were very grateful to have them with us. The family asked us to pray with them, and I stood back and and they felt impressed to expel evil presences from the house. They prayed that the home would be protected, and I felt that their prayers were being honored. I have learned many powerful lessons from my experiences with these two, and I truly believe that God is using them to teach me about faith, spiritual power, and priesthood authority. I will share some of these lessons soon, but I don’t have the time right now to do them justice.

Hopefully I’ve shared enough for today. Things are going great. The couple below is Brother and Sister Cecil, and they home teach Haylei, the girl on the left. Amazing family! Mom: I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with them. We are well taken care of.

More on Monday =)

Much love,
Elder Williams

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