Mosiah 2-3.

Dearly beloved…

Big news indeed…

Last night, before bed, Elder Payne and I came up with the sickest Monopoly version ever! We call it "Super Monopoly". It requires the new Monopoly "Speed Die" to play, and basically goes as follows: (although it is still under development)

  • The only bills used are $500, $100, and $50.
  • Each player begins with an equal portion of a $10,000 pot, including ten $50 bills each.
  • Every dollar amount in the game is rounded to the nearest 50. (If a dollar amount is less than 50, the number is rounded up to 50.)
  • The Speed Die is removed from play once all properties are owned. (See Monopoly rules for use of the Speed Die.)
  • If you own less than a full set of properties, you may build houses on them, but may not build hotels until the full set is owned. (Properties may be traded and sold by the owners.)
  • Each time a player passes "Go", they collect $500 dollars (as opposed to the normal $200).
  • (Due to the ridiculous amount of money that is brought into play with this process, we are developing a law for a tax to be paid by players when passing "Go" after they reach a certain point individually. As in all tax laws, there will be loopholes to be found. That’s life.)
  • The pot in the center of the board is maintained at $500. Each time a player lands on "Free Parking", they receive the entire pot, and it is replaced with $500. (All taxes and fees are still payed into the pot.)

Really, that’s all we’ve got. Add these rules in and it’s a blast. Today is P-day so we’re about to go play "Super Monopoly" with one of the families in the ward here. We’ve been developing it throughout the day today. (Yes, we have been doing missionary work, I promise).

Actually we’ve had a really phenomenal week. We have undergone a lot of growth as a companionship through trials and difficulties. Elder Payne and I are not the most compatible of people, we are both stubborn and hardheaded, but we are also both committed to the Lord, our callings, and this marvelous work. Two nights ago, Elder Payne and I got into a pretty big argument. It exploded pretty much out of nowhere, and we had to separate to cool off. Because of the foundation of forgiveness and communication we have developed, we were able to humble ourselves and resolve the matter. — I’d like to interject a tribute to my father here. After a bit I went downstairs to find Elder Payne and stood against the wall and apologized. As I did so, I remembered my Dad. I smiled as I thought of the many times he walked back into the room after an argument and stood and apologized to me. My heart was filled with gratitude for the example he has set for me. Thank you Dad. I love you. — As a result of the experience, Elder Payne and I bonded over Yahtzee. (That’s what began our dice/board game kick.) Yesterday we got into it again, but this time it was less intense and we resolved it quickly. This morning, again, our discussion began to grow heated, but we were able to quickly recognize and diffuse it. Afterward, we discussed that we were improving, and talked about finding a way to avoid the dissension altogether. That is one of our goals for this week and (likely) beyond.

Because of the efforts we are putting into developing ourselves and our companionship, we are seeing miracles and changes in many of our investigators. Families are beginning to investigate together. Investigators formerly not progressing are beginning to progress. People we have been in contact with for quite some time are expressing desire to learn. Our planning, studies, and lessons are increasing in power and effectiveness, and we are both seeing and feeling the results. We are being sanctified by the Spirit. It is magnificent.

I would like to share a quote from my letter to President Pitt this morning, and share it from the very depths of my heart.
"There is nowhere I would rather be than here."

Brothers and Sisters, this work is true. If you learn it, love it, live it, you’ll be happy, I promise you. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Williams


One thought on “Mosiah 2-3.

  1. Yo I’m going to try and get together with LaDawn and send you stuff! what do you want/need?! and happy 1st birthday on the mission!! 😀 I’d play SUPER MONOPOLY!

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