3 February, 2014 16:28

WHAT a great day! I’ve been downloading talks by Elder Holland the Bold today and am stoked to listen to them! I also got to have a great conversation (via instant e-mail) with my dad today about language and leadership and family. It is a good day.

Tyler Spurlock, are you there buddy? I thought about you recently, and some of the great lessons I learned through you. For one thing, I learned the power of an unexpected note of praise and gratitude and the effect that it can have to lift a soul. I hope this does for you now what yours did for me so long ago. I remember a talk you gave in Sacrament meeting in which you shared the difficult experiences of your mission, your journey in becoming a confident, positive, dedicated servant of the Lord, and I listened intently. My heart went out to you then. I don’t think I knew you then, but I do recall that after that talk, I spent time around and observing you. I want you to know what an example you have been to me and to others. You are always there, at every gathering, reaching out to someone, sometimes to everyone! Without regard to personal obstacles or discouragement or whatever trials you may be facing, you feed the Savior’s sheep. You have become what Jesus Christ called Peter to be in that pivotal conversation on the seashore. You have the love of the Savior in your countenance, and I thank you for sharing that with me, and with so many whom I love. You are a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

I have had so many experiences this week that I want to share… but every time I begin to, I realize the very personal nature of them, and I feel that I should not.

Hmm perhaps it will be enough today to say thank you.

Today, my thank you is to my Dear sister, Miranda, for your love during a difficult transition in my life, for your late night “12 Dates of Christmas” sessions with ice cream and cola-flavored gummies and listening and laughing. Thank you for helping me to remember how important my family is to me. Thank you for looking up to me through the years and giving me a reason to work hard and change. I love you little sister.

Time is far spent, and it’s time to go. I pray that all is well with each of you.

Elder Williams


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