24 February, 2014 13:22

A few weeks ago, Elder S. Gifford Nielsen came to visit our little mission here. During that conference, I wrote this in my study journal:

This is the only time in your life when it is just you and the Savior. This is your time to just be converted. This is the only time for you to just be with the Savior. If you’re wasting a minute, you repent right now!

Today, in our letter from President Pitt, he said this:

There has been much thought and discussion on the statement, “This is your time with the Lord. Don’t waste a minute.” Elder Nielsen planted that in our hearts and it does give each of us something to think about. When new missionaries come and even when missionaries go we ask the question, “Why did you come on a mission?” We have heard lots of different answers and those going home bear testimony of how the mission was so much more than they expected and they are thankful they chose to come. If we were to really think about that question and some of those great answers, it seems that there should be only one answer: I came because I love the Lord. I work each day because I love the Lord. I knock doors, talk with everyone, seek referrals, visit members and less actives; I teach and study and pray because I love God and His Son, Jesus Christ. If I never get in a door, never baptize a person, never see a less active return, hardly get to teach, but do it with all my heart, might, mind and strength then I will feel successful and accepted, because I have done it for the Lord. He is the One I account to and the One I am trying to be like.

Yesterday, I was asked to share my testimony in Sacrament Meeting among 2 other missionary speakers. I sat on the stand as the Sacrament was being passed and wondered what I could share. As I did, the thought came to me, “Tell them why you’re here.” The answer to that question came so simply as I partook of the emblems of my Savior’s sacrifice, and my heart filled with gratitude and love.

I want each of you to know why I am here. I am here because I love the Lord. I came because when I realized that fact, and knew that he wanted me here, there was nothing else I could possibly do. I gave all that I have and am, and will do so until I take my last mortal breath, because I love Jesus Christ, who first loved me. There is nothing else for me but that.

I bear this witness in the name of Jesus Christ.


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