3 March, 2014 15:00

“The greatest motivation to be a part of this work is love. Remember the Lord’s love for us made His sacrifice bearable for Him.”

I love President Pitt’s one-liners! He is a remarkable man. Well, I guess that’s a two-liner…

So I’d like to share a miracle today. It is personal… and I hope that the Lord forgives my sharing it, but I want to bear it as my testimony to you. Yesterday I fasted. It was an important fast for me, and the cause kept me sustained through it. I was determined to fast for 24 hours, no blessings would be forfeited by giving up or giving in. It was a great Sunday, and we worked hard to accomplish our goals. The last 2-3 hours of the day we planned to contact some referrals at their homes and then tract the area up to our dinner appointment with the Franson family, 5 amazing members who recently moved into the ward. We stopped at a member’s home to get some information on the referrals, and as we walked away their children chased after us and begged us to spend some time with them. We smiled and returned.

As we headed back out, we knocked 3 of our 4 referrals and met 2 of them–very kind people–and were invited back to visit with one of them. By this time, it was nearing 6:00 and we were pretty far from our dinner appointment. We had set a goal to be “on time and on purpose” all day, and so we really wanted to be there by 6:00. I prayed silently as we walked that we would make it on time. We walked up a steady incline for the 20 minutes at a fairly quick pace. We arrived outside their home and I asked Elder Young for the time–6:00 on the nose! I threw my hands up and thanked the Lord that we had made it. It had now been 24 hours since I begain my fast.

We sat in the living room with the family for about 30 minutes as the food finished and played and talked. As I got up to go to the table, I realized how exhausted I was and sat back down for a minute. We gathered at the table and prayed and began to eat–Enchiladas, this family is angelic! After a few bites I started feeling pretty bad. It was almost nausea but not quite. I wasn’t sure how to describe it. I ate slowly and waited for the calories to kick in and return some strength, but I continued to slowly decline. The mother asked me if I was ok, and I said I wasn’t feeling well but I would be alright. After a minute or so more, I knew that I wasn’t going to be alright. I realized I had been very dehydrated in addition to having no energy. I knew she was still watching me, and I must not look very good. I asked if we could pause dinner and if I could receive a blessing from the father. Elder Young asked me not to die.

The family adjourned to the living room and Elder Young anointed me. As Brother Franson placed his hands on me I prayed silently that I might be healed. As he blessed me, I felt my body calm. We returned to dinner and I felt like I should stop eating the enchiladas and instead eat some granola I had brought. Sister Franson offered me a banana–truly a woman after my own heart! As I ate and drank water, I felt my strength increase and my body settle. By the end of dinner, I felt as good as new.

As we stood to leave, I remembered the scene in Ephraim’s Rescue when the woman barely makes it across the river with her son. As she stood on the other side, she testified that everyone present had been witness to a miracle. I knew I needed to share the same with this family. I told the three young children that they had seen the power of the Priesthood. I testified that it was real, that they had witnessed a miracle, and asked them to remember it.

There have been some amazing things happening this transfer, and a lot of great testimonies that I am truly known, and that I was meant to be called here. One example was finding myself this week in the home of one of the members and noticing a christmas card on her refrigerator. I walked closer and said “No way!”
“What?” she asked.
“You know George Dyer?”
She laughed, “He’s my brother.”
“No way!”

For those of you who don’t know, George Dyer is an amazing opera singer/comedic actor… I don’t know what to classify him as, but he’s way legit. He lives and performs in Branson, MO, but comes to Arizona during the winter months to sing for the snowbirds. Prior to leaving for my mission, I managed to get in contact with him and he agreed to give me voice lessons. It was only a few weeks before I was set to leave, but we managed to have 2 lessons a week apart. During the first lesson, he said that he was going to give me the lessons for free as a contribution to my mission, but asked that I use my talents to bless others out here.

I told him I was serving in West Virginia, and he said that he grew up on this side of the country, but neither of us knew that my mission extended this far south. This is the area he grew up in, these are his people. Already the story has spread through the ward, and I feel so welcomed by everyone. This is an amazing ward, and I am so grateful to be here with Elder Young and with these amazing members. I know I was called here by a Savior who knows me.

This week is going to be a great week–the best one yet! I love this work.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent some pictures, so I’ve attached a few from Transfer week!

I love you all, and hope that all is well!

Elder Williams


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