3 March, 2014 15:18

I wanted to share this beautiful ode to my sister, Miranda, following the Gilbert, Arizona Temple dedication.

“Miranda had been out in Discovery Park practicing since before noon on Saturday with the sky overcast and threatening rain all day, but the heavens didn’t open until shortly before the 7pm performance was to begin, and it rained hard and steadily throughout the performance. There were no frowns, nothing less than exuberant smiles on most faces as the camera constantly panned across the thousands of youth dancing and singing their routines before the Prophet and leadership in honor of the coming dedication of their Temple.

“I sat in utter amazement thinking of how the kids seemed to be oblivious to the rain. We later found out there were many who were affected by it, but they never showed it to the world. What the world saw was Mormon youth dedicated enough that the show would go on in the middle of pouring rain. It was awe-inspiring for any parents.

“Miranda was brought home in a shivering numb state barely able to breathe because her asthma had kicked in, so a brother who brought her home and I gave her a blessing, we put some Breathe on her and then mom put her in a warm bath also infused with Breathe Essential Oil and as we tucked her into bed later on, She whispered to me, in confirmation that it was okay, ‘I’d do it all over again’.”


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