17 March, 2014 14:22

Dear loved ones,


Salem is a great place, and I’m really enjoying my time here. We have been working toward achieving the “standard of excellence” established by our mission president, and have been making small steps each week toward that. This week our focus was on finding new investigators, and we had 3 miracles to reach our standard goal of 3 new investigators!

1. On Monday, on the way to the Library, we talked with someone as we passed by. We asked if he had ever talked with Mormon missionaries before. As it turns out, he had been taking the lessons from some of them previously. In fact, he is our neighbor and we had been trying to get to meet him for a couple of weeks! We had met his girlfriend and she is pretty awesome. I had no idea that they had ever met with missionaries before. He invited us over to see him the next morning and we had an awesome discussion. They are an amazing couple.

2. On Thursday, we took Zayne, one of the priests in the Salem ward out to work with us. The appointment we had fell through, so we taught him how and practiced sharing a copy of the book of Mormon using the pictures in the front. Then we walked. We walked up Main St. in the cold for about 30 minutes, with no success. Nobody allowed us to get a word in. It was actually a really uncommon experience. But he didn’t get down at all. Zayne tried a few times, and we tried a few times. One lady even locked her car door as we approached with a pass-along card. Finally, our time was nearing its end. We had prayed for a miracle, and I had no doubt the Lord would provide. We stopped on a corner and I asked Zayne to pray. It was about 8:05 at this point, so we headed to the last place we could think of, and then I saw a door with a light inside and a light outside, and I felt “the feeling”. “Uh oh guys, I think I’m knocking on this door” I said. We approached and I knocked.
“You want to take this one?” I asked Zayne.
“Sure” he said.
A lady answered and he said, “Hi… we’re from the Mormon church. Can we share a message?” “Sure,” she replied, “come on in.”
We sat together in her living room and asked her if she had heard of the Book of Mormon. She had, but had never owned one. We asked Zayne to introduce the book to her, which he did. Later, as we shared Moroni’s promise with her, we asked him to bear his testimony of the book. He did, and the Spirit entered the room. We asked her if she felt it, and she said, “I believe him.”

3. On Saturday, a man who had previously been meeting with the missionaries came up to us as we were out. He asked us if we could come by and talk with him, so we set up an appointment for Sunday afternoon and parted. When Sunday came, Elder Young was feeling pretty under the weather. I let him sleep after church, and the time approached for our appointment. I felt impressed that this was an important appointment, so I woke him and he arose and got ready. Before we knocked on his door, we prayed for guidance from the Spirit. He let us in and asked if we could read from the scriptures together. He said his favorite story from the bible was the story of Jesus walking on the water, so we turned and read together. We talked about faith and what it meant for Peter and for the people who were healed later in the chapter. The Spirit entered the room powerfully. I asked him what he thought the role of the Holy Spirit was, and he shared his response. Then he asked me what His role was. I told him that the Holy Spirit teaches us of truth, comforts us in hard times, and guides us. He said that he believed. We had another appointment, so we prepared to leave, and asked if he would offer the prayer. We all knelt and he prayed. He stated in the prayer that he didn’t believe in Joseph Smith yet, but that if he was a prophet, would God please let him know. My eyes filled with tears. We asked him if he had a book of Mormon, and he said that he had gotten rid of his old one, but that he felt like he would like another one.

The Lord is truly laboring here alongside His servants. How grateful I am to get to see that every day. What a marvelous work this is. There will be many miracles to come this week.

(Courtesy of Elder Peine)

All my love,
Elder Williams, Beaver


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