25 March, 2014 16:30

WHOAH! I just saw 2 minutes left on my timer.

I typed this up earler and wanted to explain it a little more, but, well. 2 minutes!

This is the incredible learning I have been piecing together these past couple of days regarding inviting people to learn about the Gospel. Finding is the first thing we do, and it has to be done right. I have been doing it WRONG! The Spirit has taught me through many other people how to do it right. I am starting to get the vision. I have seen how it is about quality and not quantity. Here are the principles.

· Elder Bott teaches us in The District 2 that we can’t just go out and chase people down; it has to be the right moment.

· Bro. Jensen taught me the principal of being conversational with people. “Just talk to them” he said.

· Be conversational, people will let you know if they are interested.

· Bishop Cox said, “If you treat people like a number, they’ll treat you like a number.”

· We can’t chase people down or treat them like a statistic.

· Elder Nielsen said, “We need to learn to connect. We need to be great connectors.”

· As we practice simply talking to people, we will become those great connectors. We will not have to wonder what to say or awkwardly extend a one-size-fits-all invitation. Elder Holland teaches us that if we listen, the needs of each individual will be given to us, by the Spirit and by the people.

· A church manual I can’t reference said, “Be as normal as possible”.

· Walk & talk as often as possible.

· PMG p. 196 teaches:

· Every finding opportunity should lead to an invitation to act (not begin with one)

· Rarely, if ever, should you talk to people or teach them without extending an invitation to do something that will strengthen their faith in Christ.

· We begin a conversation naturally, we connect, we listen, we care, we discern, we invite them to act.

· If the conversation doesn’t happen, the invitation shouldn’t happen.

· Bro. Jensen said “Let these people know that you’re Mormons who care.”

· The gospel must become part of who you are, so that it will ALWAYS come up.

· “Bear” your testimony.

· “People ask me why I am so successful. It is because my line NEVER leaves the water.” – President Pitt

I will be staying in Salem! Love you all!

Elder Williams


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