Thank you all for your love and birthday wishes =)
My 27th was as great as any other!

The first picture is of my companion Elder Stone. We were at Lisa Dyer Reynolds’s house (George Dyer’s sister!). That’s her in the second picture. The third and fourth pictures are of the delicious salad that Sister Reynolds made for me for my birthday. It’s delicious and always served with dinner, and therefore is not a dessert. Boom. Thank you Reynolds family. =)

These past few weeks have been fantastic. Elder Stone and I have been working really hard to become better. We are working to make a difference here, and I believe we are doing so. Every day we see miracles and watch the Lord’s hand work around us. Every day we have amazing conversations and are able to share the love of our Savior with someone. I received a a wonderful birthday gift last week, it was a book with all of my blog postings from the previous year. I’ve been reading through them and just reveling in the memories and the people I’ve come to know and love. Thank you so much for that.

I wanted to share two of my journal entries from this last week, with names replaced, as always. =)

Thursday 24-April-2014 T-9-30 10:56pm

27 years old today. I have been in the mission for 1 year today. It came and went with a bit of fanfare from missionaries. I felt loved today, definitely. I received some new shoes and shoe inserts in a package from my parents. Well done Mom & Dad!

We taught Justin today. It was awesome. He felt the resonance of truth with the Light of Christ, and we discussed it and helped him to recognize it. He knows it now, and can look for it, and learn from it. What a blessing that lesson was. 6 weeks in the planning and studying.

We also went with Bro. Dean Dillon to see Linda Ravens. We went over there to apologize, and the spirit of love & testimony was so strong in that room. It was incredible. Kyle Ravens Jr., Bro & Sis Ravens’ oldest son, has gone wayward. But as we talked about him tonight, there was such a spirit of hope & faith in that room… it was a powerful visit. We felt confirmed that Kyle Jr. will be alright =). Just let God be God and get out of his way. =) Goodnight.”

Friday 25-April-14 T-9-31 10:42pm

What a powerful day this has been. We visited Stella and she has been going through a friend ‘breakup’. We were able to listen & teach & testify. She has continued reading from the Book of Mormon and just reached her first Isaiah chapters. She wishes that there were more positivity, more hope, in the scriptures. I just had the thought to share with her the words of the living prochets. The prophets prophecy according to the needs of their people. ‘Behold if ye were holy, I would speak unto you of holiness…’ but she’s great.

Later we stopped at the Hindenbergers’ place to drop off cold medicine for Amy, and we got to help Della make flower arrangements for table centerpieces for a wedding! It was awesome!

After lunch, we rode up to contact a referral and were able to make an incredible contact with a very lost 29 year old named Jonathon Abel. But what a guy… after walking & talking with him for a bit, he accepted a Book of Mormon & invited us to talk with him again. We found Leonard Kyle at home today and taught him the Restoration, and he agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We rode on a prompting to visit a former potential, Ralph & Edna, and passed by our friends who invited us to their Bible study with them, the Hiltons and (Schirtzbergers?). I really can’t remember their name… they are amazing though. They were playing frisbee with a knitted frisbee, so we joined them and had a great time. It was awesome. Before we left, we commissioned them to knit us each a frisbee, and then were able to pray with them. I’m glad we got to do that. Our final stop on the way home was at Mill Mountain Cafe, to see Adrianna. We showed her the Francois video (www.lds.org, search for Francois, first video) and she thought it was fantastic, and was very grateful. She also texted her sister to come meet us (Michelle), and we sat with her and had an amazing discussion. All-in-all, we have had at least 4 amazing individuals who have promised today to sincerely read the Book of Mormon. I’m so happy. This day has truly filled me up. THIS is missionary work. What an amazing phenomenon to be a part of.”

I love this mission. I love missionary work. Having passed the midpoint, I think sometimes of what it will be like to be home again. I wonder how I will be different because of all that I have experienced and learned out here. I know I will be different. I know I will be better. But most of all, I know I will miss this. I’m not ready to be halfway done yet.

Elder Williams


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