6 May, 2014 17:29

Well, this email will be short. =) I will be staying in Salem, Virginia AND will be staying with Elder Stone. Unexpected on both counts!

I am so happy. This ward is amazing, and we and this area have been growing substantially this transfer. This will be President Pitt’s last transfer, and that is a difficult thing for me, more because I will miss his counsel and presence. I am excited for the future. I have learned to love change. I found myself a little disappointed that there wouldn’t be any this transfer, but that’s ok. =) I love the Lord more than I love change.

Our ride for dinner is here.

Remember that the atonement is very, very real. It will heal you in an instant, even if the trial doesn’t leave. It can relieve pain and guilt and sorrow, if you will place your trust in Jesus Christ and seek for it. It’s real. I know it.

I love you,
Elder Williams


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