Has the day of miracles ceased? I say unto you, nay!

Hello friends!

This week was amazing! I actually learned how to play the violin! There is an amazing family in the ward here whose daughter was baptized yesterday. We went to spend some time with them on Saturday and they had the violin parts for “I am a Child of God” written out on a music stand with 2 violins hanging from it. I picked one up and they taught me what to do. Then the mother joined me on her violin, then the dad joined me on the baby’s violin (haha), and THEN he jumped on the piano and we played the song together as they were going to play it at the baptism. It was SO awesome! I can’t wait until I get to play music regularly again. Another incredible blessing of this area is that we have a piano in the apartment! This is so rare… actually one of the first things I asked Sister Pitt, my mission president’s wife, when I arrived in the mission was how common it was to have a piano in missionary apartments. I really wanted to spend time learning hymns and getting better at playing. She said it was very rare, and here I’ve found one! So some mornings and sometimes during lunch I get to practice hymns. I decided today that the next one I’m going to learn is 264, “Hark All Ye Nations”! It’s been one of my top 5 since the MTC.

This area is such a blessing! I am learning and growing so much… This past week we ran out of time to email in the morning, and when we came back in the evening to finish, we felt very strongly the need to head back out and visit an investigator instead. We did, and had a miraculous lesson which we had planned and studied for that very morning. Our investigator was very moved and wanted to meet the next day. We decided to meet at the church and give him a tour of the building and teach him in the chapel. It was a powerful experience, and he agreed to come to church this Sunday to experience our worship! We decided that day that we needed to fast and pray for him to have a revelatory experience in church. During our second hour class, Gospel Principles, we studied the need for a Savior and how we chose Him and agreed to follow Him during the pre-existence. At one point, Elder Wheeler felt impressed to ask him a very direct question. He answered and shared one of his concerns. Right then, the whole environment in the room changed. Converts and investigators in the class began sharing personal experiences that were perfectly suited for his situation. They turned and spoke directly to him and encouraged him. My heart swelled and my eyes welled as I recognized a direct answer from Heaven to fasting and prayer. I dropped my head and smiled and listened and could see him nodding his head as they bore testimony. The 7 missionaries in the room didn’t have to say a thing. We couldn’t have said anything more than what the Spirit was teaching him through these amazing members and nonmembers.

Time is ticking and I must go! I love you all! Keep the faith! Pray hard! Live hard!

The gospel is true!

Elder Williams


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