30 June, 2014 13:10

Hello! 17 Minutes! I can do it!

Parkersburg is AMAZING! I love it here SO MUCH!

In each area where I serve there are amazing families that I just connect so much with. Well, the first one here is the Haroldsen family! THEY ARE FANTASTIC! They have 4 Children, and their oldest is one of the most intelligent and persistent and capable young men I have ever seen. He excels at everything he does, INCLUDING when his class stands up at their talent show and does a dance to “Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!” This kid is an amazing wiggler. I also got to hear “What does the fox say?!” for the first time when their daughter and son did a hilarious dance to that one together. Following that we went outside to the playground and did some crazy acrobatics on the bar, which I may still be bruised from.

That night, as we walked back to our car, we prayed that we would be led to one more family to teach. We approached the corner where we needed to turn and I felt like we should cross the street. Strange as it seemed, we did. Immediately Elder Wheeler knew the house we needed to knock. We did, and the father came out. He shook hands with us and told us he admired our dedication and we started talking about his family and his faith. His sons came out and he introduced us to them and told them about our faith. Then he said a keyword, “roller-coasters”. Did I mention that my companion is a roller-coaster enthusiast? Maybe obsession is a better word for it. So for the next 15 minutes or so, Elder Wheeler and this family talked everything coaster. One son kept running out and saying “Dad, mom says it’s time to come in.” He would make some comment and then get back to coasters. Finally I urged them to go inside and committed the 4 boys to run and give their mom a hug and tell her how much they loved her right when they went inside. They did. =) It was an amazing exchange, and we discovered that they’re already pretty connected with a family in the ward! (The Haroldsens, in fact!)

A similar thing happened another night, when we were out doing service and didn’t have time to change before our teaching appointment. We went to the appointment and it fell through, so we decided to walk the area and talk to people (in service clothes after mowing two lawns and resealing a driveway on the hottest day of the year… yeah). Well it just so happened that I was wearing my Ohio State shirt (a gift from Elder Ryan Carter’s mother, THANK YOU!!!) and we passed a house with 3 separate Ohio State logos. I said, “We have to knock!” We did. A woman answered and I pointed out the logos and my shirt and she said, “Do you want to see the Ohio State Man-cave? Come on in!” We walked in and straight ahead down the stairs to the room dedicated to Ohio State, complete with la-z-boys and Hi-definition. We talked and laughed and found out her husband was from Arizona, so I ran and told him I was from Arizona too. We asked if we could sit with them and share a little about us, and they agreed. When we walked into their living room we saw walls with pictures of family and those family plaques that every LDS family has. It was amazing. We sat and talked with them and they were exactly who we had prayed to meet. We have an appointment with them this week, so pray for us please! It’s on Tuesday night! Pray that the appointment goes through!

We are seeing miracles, everywhere. This week will be even better, because this week I am better, already, than I was yesterday. We love the Lord.

I am so grateful to be engaged in this work. I love it love it love it!

This Gospel is true! I know it! Don’t ever doubt it! If you do, read the scriptures and get on your knees and ask! It’s true. I know it.

I love you all.
Elder Williams


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