Hymn #11 is the best.


I have been granted a short time extension and so I get to write all of you today! What a blessing. =) Lynchburg is wonderful, I am so happy here. My companion is similarly wonderful. I am super stoked to get to work with him. This morning we had an awesome companion study and I learned something I didn’t know about myself! Elder Sawyer and I have a similar weakness. We both have difficulty storing things in our heads! Ha ha ha. Well, he strugles with his personal study to know what to do and what to study, so as I was trying to help him find a direction, I realized how I do it!

Basically, I don’t remember much of anything until it’s been imprinted into my mind through repetion, or until I understand it thoroughly. I guess that’s probably the same for anyone. ANYWAY! I realized that it’s because I have learned to use the TOOLS I have available to me, and I don’t try and store it myself anymore! Examples:

* I write things down that I need to remember in my planner or make a note on the phone
* I record things that are important to me in my study journal
* I keep talks and notes on file for a long time
* I put things in places where I will see them when I need them

Additionally, I basically stopped trying to MEMORIZE things and have just become familiar with WHERE I CAN FIND THEM. So if I need to prepare a lesson with a certain topic, I’ll go to the sections in Preach My Gospel or the Index/Topical Guide to find where they are! It was super cool to learn that. I’ve actually become good at planning and preparing and looking ahead so I don’t have to worry later! MOM WOULD YOU EVER BELIEVE THAT?! Ha ha ha…

Oh, life’s little ironies.

My district here is so great too. I love love love them! Elder Labrum, Elder Young, Elder Sawyer, Myself, Sister Crossley, and Sister Freeland. Someday I’ll get a picture… maybe. We are learning a lot about who we are, and how to be more of that person. President Salisbury is really REALLY trying to help us see how important it is that we be THAT person in all of our missionary efforts. We were not called to be robot missionaries! If that were the case, it really wouldn’t matter where in the world we were called to, I suppose. But it does, and we are called by revelation, because the Lord knows ME, and he knows my COMPANIONS, and He knows every single person I am going to meet on my mission, and He brings us together because of who we are. So be yourself! I love who myself is becoming. I love being able to be that person and still be in the full-time service of the Lord. It’s magnificent, and it’s so much fun.

Time is so short out here, I don’t want to waste a minute of it. I love you all. I love the Lord. I pray for your happiness. Be Happy. =) It’s the best.

Elder Williams


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