24 September, 2014 16:06

To my dear friends and family,

We lost our p-day this week due to some medical issues arising for my companion. The ward has taken care of us very well, and everything is stabilized for now. =) He’ll be fine. But that’s why I’m emailing you today. I have only a few minutes left, and then we’re off to teach "Jeanette". ^_^

She is progressing so incredibly well. It’s magnificent to watch the changes happen in her life. She is still being super well-cared for by the ward, and we’ve been teaching her in the homes of members–actually that’s where we’re going in a few minutes!

We continue to see miracles here in Lynchburg. We have non-members that we continue to follow-up with heading toward investigation, but then we’ll be walking down the street and stop to talk to someone and have an hour long discussion and they are super interested and we set up a return appointment on the spot. When one appointment falls through, the Lord fills it with a miracle, small or great. I’m remembering my testimony that when we set goals in faith and work to accomplish them, the Lord truly will do the rest. Elder Vest and I are absolutely seeing that happen.

This weekend was the Lynchburg 2nd Ward Conference. Sunday school was replaced by a Q&A session, except for the Gospel Principles class for investigators. After Sacrament we were caught talking to a few people, and "Jeanette" went off with a member to the class. By the time we got there, there was nowhere for us to sit! The class was full of fellowhippers! Ha ha. We smiled and walked off to the Q&A session.

TIME IS UP! President Jones shared with us in that class though, something that stuck with me. He said "In this work of Salvation, the Lord has already done all of the heavy lifting. He already brought the elect to school, or work, or to live nextdoor to members. Now it’s up to us to reach out. Tthe easy part."


Elder Williams


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