Every day is the best day ever.

Dear Family,

Life is wonderful.

The members here are A-MAZING and are just marvelous missionaries in so many ways! We had 3 incredible member visits with "Jeanette", with different members at each. She is now excitedly on date for the 18th of October, due to our marathon of conference weekends, and she got to have dinner and watch the Relief Society broadcast with a few Sisters in the home of one of our members. What a great blessing this ward is to her. We are so touched as we see her being so welcomed into the ward family. So very, very grateful.

We finally were able to meet up with "Kiley" (yes, that’s my ode to you Brother James, you’d best believe I’m coming back!), an investigator from 2 transfers ago who was previously on date for baptism. After a fantastic conversation with him he said that he felt like it was time for him to take that step. He resonated in every way when he came to the Mormon church and still hasn’t found a spiritual base to align himself with. He feels that this is the place. He is on date for 25 October!

"Mendoza" is an incredibly intelligent student at Liberty University who came to church in the Zone Leaders’ ward but lives in our area. We began visiting him with members, and he believes EVERYTHING that we have shared! Not only does he believe it, but it’s answering questions he has always had. He is amazed by the way the Book of Mormon answers the questions of greatest debate at Liberty University with ease and clarity. He is so grateful. He wants to watch as much of General Conference as he can during the live broadcast, because he feels that there is a spirit in the live transmission that would not exist in the same way if he were to simply watch it later. AMAZING individual, our lessons with him are unparalleled, and really are just a ton of fun.

"Roberto" is a 40 year old man with an active member brother, who came to church with us this past Sunday. He is living a life of great adversity right now, and has been reading the Book of Mormon at his own pace since our first chance meeting. He has looked at many churches trying to find his place, and believes he will know it when he sees it. As we sat in fast and testimony meeting, we heard testimony after testimony on trial and adversity. I was so touched as I looked over and saw his attention fastened to the podium. No report yet on his feelings from the remainder of church, but he seemed to really enjoy the potluck and fellowship that followed. =)

The "Linder" family are less-active members that we finally contacted. When we knocked, the mother and daughter were in absolutely glee. They are a beautiful family, the mother from the Dominican Republic, the father from Mexico. They have an 8-year old daughter and three sons, 12, 14, and 16. When they learned that church had moved to 1:00, the mother clapped her hands excitedly. She wants so badly to return and go to the temple. We haven’t had much contact since that day 2 weeks ago, but this Sunday during sacrament meeting we saw 4 of the 6 sitting right in front of us! They attended the Spanish Gospel Principles class this Sunday and our Sacrament meeting. So very, very happy to see them there. =)

I love this work. I love these people, so much. I can’t get enough of this. I love being here in Lynchburg. There are so many amazing people here. I just realized I’m probably going to get transferred because I’m too happy. Ha ha ha.

I love you all, and I hope that you are happy too. I so hope you feel this deep happiness I feel from living the Gospel. This is Christ’s church. These are His teachings. This Gospel, all of it, is so very, very true.

Elder Williams


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