26 January, 2015 15:04

Well, I only have a short time to write this. I’ve had a great P-day so far, and we plan to go up to Covington to play Cornhole with the elders shown in the first picture. For those unfamiliar, cornhole is basically Horseshoes with Beanbags. So for anyone who knows how much I love playing Horseshoes, well, I love Cornhole that much. It’s amazing.

This week has been fantastic. I have found a renewed love for planning. Once each week, missionaries hold a weekly planning session where we set goals for the coming week and make plans to accomplish those goals. Well, this past Thursday, Elder Sorenson and I had possibly the best weekly planning session of my mission! In spite of the excess of time we spent on it (it basically took from 10:00am to 4:00pm), we used the instructions in Preach My Gospel and the Area Book in a way I had never considered. It was incredible. We went far beyond our usual planning for investigators, and planned for each potential investigator we had previously contacted and each referral on our records. We wrote specific plans and appointments in our planners to make sure the follow-up happened. Each night when we come back to the apartment, we hold a daily planning session and do a smaller version for just the next day. Well, after everything we planned on Thursday, we don’t have to plan for tomorrow at all, it’s all appointments and follow-up!

We have been struggling to find new people to teach, which is what led to this in-depth look into our potentials. (Personally, I think it’s because my companion is a ginger.) No, just kidding. He is a ginger, but that’s not why. =) We haven’t let it get us down, we’ve been working hard, and improving in our obedience and diligence each day of this past transfer and this one. It’s difficult to stay dedicated, it really is. But we know why we’re here, and so when things get hard, or when we get to feeling a little discouraged, I’ve learned that we need to stop what we’re doing, humble ourselves, pray, and then go knock on a few doors. Why that brings the Spirit back and lifts us up, I really don’t know, but it does. This work of the Lord is not easy, and it isn’t always fun. It comes with a lot of heartache and a lot of tears and worry and stress. Growing pains, I suppose. Because after all of that, and at a few points in the middle of it, you find moments that show you that everything is working out for your good and the good of those you’re serving. Those moments make all the rest of it worth it, and make me grateful for all the hard parts.

I love being here, so so so much! I love being a missionary, and I love the blessings that come to me and everyone I love as I dedicate myself to my calling.

Thank you again, for all of your love and support. Thank you for your prayers. I feel them, and I see them, and I love you for them. Thank you.

Off to work. =)

All my love,
Elder Williams

Me, Elder Sorenson, Elder Yocom, Elder Johnson.
One of the few snow days of the winter so far! I am definitely loving that. =)

Together again! =) I thought it a fitting tribute to the Haroldsen family. That beautiful family sent me this pink tie as a gift, carefully selected by 8 year old Audrey. I have a wonderful experience of laughing heartily every time I get a package or letter from them, and this time was no different. The first time I put the tie on I looked in the mirror and my eyes got really big, and I said “Wow!” and took it back off, ha ha! But I loved wearing it here. =) Thank you so much.


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