Gift 9: A testimony of miracles

Well helllllooooooooo everyone!

This week was fantastic! Miracles in abundance. =) I want to share some with you. First, we had a great talk last Sunday from our stake president, President Jones, regarding miracles, and I wanted to share from that!

President Jones taught us that God is a God of miracles (2 Nephi 27:22). He taught that miracles are merely evidence of God’s interactions with the natural world, and are evidence of God’s love for us. He taught that there are three kinds of miracles:

1. Miracles that occur immediately, such as when a child offers a prayer for help or with a question and gets an immediate answer.
2. Miracles that occur over time, which often require effort and faith on our part. He said, “the fact that these require effort on our part does not make them any less miraculous”.
3. The miracle of forgiveness and conversion, which is when God give us what we need (regardless of what we want) to become more.

He taught that miracles are evidence of God’s love for us. We seek miracles of deliverance, while God desires to bless us with this third kind, the miracle of forgiveness and conversion.

Miracles of this third kind have been given in abundance over the course of my mission. This third kind of miracles came most often in the heat of trials when what I wanted most was definitely a miracle of deliverance! As a missionary, these miracles have come through the companions and members with whom I have been blessed to serve, through weather conditions and sickness and the commandment to work in spite of them, and through emotional opposition from both internal and external sources. I’m sure there have been many more…

4 young adults just came into the library and started talking to us and asking us questions.

Yes. Miracles.

Gift 9: A testimony of miracles

When I get home I plan to take some time to document some of the miracles of my mission. When I do, I’ll share some here. Thank you all for sharing in the miracle of my mission with me. I have loved it, and will be indebted to the Lord forever for this marvelous gift he has given me. I know this Gospel is true. I know the Lord lives. I know He loves us. I bear witness of that in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Williams


One thought on “Gift 9: A testimony of miracles

  1. Dear Elder Williams, I have enjoyed your many emails. May you always keep your sweet spirit ripe in teaching and learning. You have served valiantly and wonderful my grandson and I am overjoyed for you that you served so well.
    You have set a good example for yourself and all of the family. I am very pleased to say I am proud of your actions and your wonderful and deep abiding testimony of our dear Savior and His gospel. Thank you for your missionary service. I love you ,Nanny

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