Event Timeline


10-Apr Entered the MTC
23-Apr Arrived in the West Virginia Charleston Mission
24-Apr Happy Birthday Elder Williams!
25-Apr Assigned to labor in Portsmouth, Ohio
24-May Elder Benedict joined companionship for 2 weeks
6-Jun 1st Transfer – stayed in Portsmouth
17-Jul Last day of training – said goodbye to Elder Raffensparger
18-Jul 2nd Transfer – Training Elder Carter – stayed in Portsmouth
29-Aug 3rd Transfer – No changes
10-Oct 4th Transfer – Winfield, WV – Elder Espinosa and Elder Russo companions
21-Nov 5th Transfer – Winfield, WV – Elder Goulding companion
21-Dec New niece at home!
25-Dec First Christmas on the mission
2-Jan 6th Transfer – Winfield, WV – Elder Payne companion
13-Feb 7th Transfer – Salem, VA – Elder Young companion
27-Mar 8th Transfer – Salem, VA – Elder Stone companion
24-Apr Happy Birthday Elder Williams!
8-May 9th Transfer – No changes
7-Jun Early Transfer – Parkersburg, WV – Elder Wheeler companion
31-Jul 11th Transfer – Lynchburg, VA – Elder Sawyer companion
11-Sep 12th Transfer – Lynchburg, VA – Elder Vest companion
23-Oct 13th Transfer – No changes
4-Dec 14th Transfer – Clifton Forge, VA – Elder Sorensen companion
15-Jan 15th Transfer – No changes
26-Feb 16th Transfer – No changes Last area will be Clifton Forge Companion Elder Kovac
9-Apr 17th Transfer

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